NINJA TOUR is operated daily in AKAME NINJA FOREST near the beautiful waterfalls from April 1st.

throuth to November 30th.          (Reservation is necessary)

If you reserve in advance you can join the tour even during off season,Dec.1st.-March.31st.




          Akame-Shijuhachitaki(akame-48-falls)is located in Mie ,"Iga"known for

the national park with many beautiful waterfalls.

Akame is also known for the "Hidden Home of Ninja" surrounded by the mountain 

just like a "Natural Fortress".


In olden days,"Igamono" or "Shinobinomono" played an important role to spy around the Imperial

capitals such as Kyoto and Nara to support the Shogunate's in Edo(Tokyo).


Momochi Sandayu, famous historical Ninja was born and trained in Akame. 

He stayed in Akame  gorge when  he was young for meditation and became the most

influencial Ninja in history.


Hattori Hanzo, another Ninja hero in Kabuki and films also lived and trained in Akame.

Hanzo became a national hero when he saved life of Tokugawa Ieyasu who was in the most

danger during the civil war,who later became the most successful Shogun.  


Hanzo and his Ninja society supported  Tokugawa Shogunate's Government for three centuries.

In Tokyo the site of where the mansion of Hanzo located remains  as " Hanzomon" of Tokyo.


"Akame" nowadays is becoming the power spot and healing spot.

People  are stressed (distressed) from the pressures of daily life, but when they enter

the tiny village  of Akame, they enter another world of harmony, peace and begin to

heal from nature's  sacred mountain and cleansing waterfalls.


Akame 48waterfalls  is about 60minutes from  Osaka and Nara,

90minutes from  Kyoto and Nagoya  by  Kintetu  Railway.